June 25, 2018

Gwen Witherspoon

As the Founding Principal and Chief Visionary Officer of Adam Red, an Atlanta branding agency, Gwen Witherspoon is leveraging over 30 years of experience in design, marketing, branding, retail, coaching, management and development to be the strategic partner you’ve been needing. Her passion for training entrepreneurs sparked the creation of her proprietary V.I.V.I.D.™ Model for growth and development (which stands for Vision, Identity, Voice, Information, and Development), she uses this proprietary method to teach consistent themes: faith, productivity, and branding. She uses it to help business owners understand the visionary process and how to write their dreams and ideas so they can see them come to fruition.

Gwen is obsessed with technology, publishing, and making a difference. She is responsible for BaudacitySmallisimo.com, Poetry in MotionFlip Productivity™, Vivid Talk™ Radio, Vivid Magazine, and other emerging brands.

A love of art, the need to create order, and a genuine belief that she can solve the identity crisis–whether for an individual or a company–has fueled her personal and professional life. She is known for making ideas happen because she has a knack for comprehensive, creative solutions.


When asked about the one problem she is best at solving for her clients, the answer is simple. She helps chart a clear path, identify resources, and give them a way forward. Best-case scenario: she brings clarity and inspiration to make life better.


Her experience has included work with advertising agencies, public relations firms, a national automotive dot com, non-profit faith-based and business organizations, and entrepreneurs. Her roles have ranged from strategic planning, management, operations, training, sales, to execution. She is most passionate about branding–personal and business…not just how an individual, product, or company looks, but how it intrinsically works and why. Her ultimate objective is the opportunity to be herself and utilize every strength to solve a problem, reach a goal, or fulfill a need.


Her personal passions are art, music, poetry, and scale miniatures, and she cherishes quick wit and deep, whole-body laughter. No matter where you meet her in life, she cannot stop talking about her latest project or an innovative discovery and why it matters. When she is not working, you will find her giggling with her professional photographer husband, Ron. She is the oldest of four and the mother of a handsome 32-year-old son.


She is the offspring of Southern parents and a father who served in the United States Army for 23 years and who retired at the age of 80 from his 35-year carpet and upholstery cleaning business. That fact–and her DNA–has equipped her to be resilient and determined. She was born in Georgia and raised in Mississippi, Colorado, Indiana, Maryland, Virginia, and Alaska, where she lived over 20 years. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1995, and she is approaching nearly two decades in her birth state. It bears repeating that she is crazy about scale miniatures because she wants to make sure she lures more of “her kind” (the small-obsessed) so she will not have to continue explaining her thing for minis.


Her undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in Journalism from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and she earned her Master of Business Administration in 2014 from Saint Leo University. However, she likes to say that she is working on her PhD in Google because she is quick to hop online to continue learning whatever she needs to know in the moment. In business, whether in direct or traditional sales, she has consistently received recognition for sales and recruiting success. Personally, she completed a 20-year goal and earned her first Peachtree Road Race 10k t-shirt in 2015. She has gone on to earn a 10-miler medal, but feels no need to torture herself any further with longer distances.


It would be impossible for her to give up pursuing her dreams and doing all she can to inspire others to do the same. So, you do not need her if you want someone that is going to maintain the status quo. She wants to be remembered as a person who was willing to change anything about herself to be an example of living a God-designed life. She has squeezed so much into her three decades of professional existence that she is compelled to put all of that knowledge to work in a meaningful way. So, whether you need a Coach, an Artist, or an Entrepreneur, you should Hire Gwen Witherspoon.