June 27, 2018

Tajuana Ross

Tajuana Ross, widely known as ‘The LinkedIn Professor’, is the President/CEO of Get Over Yourself Career & Life Coaching, Inc., the #1 Best Selling Author of ‘Class Is Now In Session…Your 21 LinkedIn Questions Answered’, Forbes Coaching Council Member, Award Winning Speaker, Award Winning Certified Branding Coach & LinkedIn Ghostwriter To The Stars.

Tajuana’s background as a former Corporate Rat-Racer includes 23 years in Business Sales and Business Sales Training at companies like MCI WorldCom, AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless. After leaving the corporate world in 2014, Tajuana started a business and now Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs hire her when they’re stuck in a scarcity mindset. As she coaches them through a mindset shift, she teaches them how to monetize their brand in the emerging ‘Gig Economy’ by leveraging LinkedIn for networking, publishing their first Best Selling book for authority and building their paid-speaking business to increase their territory.

Featured on C-Suite Network’s ‘Best Seller TV’, in ‘The BIA Brand Magazine’ and on the cover of ‘Entrepreneurs of Color Magazine’, Tajuana’s influence has allowed her to speak on stages across the country.

You’ll catch Tajuana on a mission to change the world, one brand at a time, in her signature “Mohawk, Blazer and Chucks”, currently based in Chicago.