November 1, 2016

T. Renee Smith

T. Reneé Smith, President & CEO of iSuccess Consulting, Inc. uses her entrepreneurial experience and expertise of more than twenty years to help businesses and corporations increase their competitive advantage by focusing on three key areas: leadership, lean processes, and leveraged products.  She has helped small businesses secure more than $30 million in capital to scale their business. Past and present clients include Georgia Power, Delta Air Lines, YMCA, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, DeKalb County Board of Health, GSA, City of Atlanta, and numerous thriving small to mid-level businesses.

T. Reneé has served as a business expert in various publications, including Cosmopolitan, The Atlanta Tribune, and Entrepreneur magazine. She holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration Degree from Georgia State University. T. Reneé is a certified Executive and Business Coach and a member of International Coach Federation. She is the best-selling author of two business and personal development books. T. Reneé resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and children.