September 22, 2017

Valarie R. Brooks

Valarie R. Brooks is a nationally known real estate mogul in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Real estate is simply in her DNA.  She was introduced to real estate by her father who was a real estate investor before the word became cliché.

Her father’s family owned quite a bit of land in a small town in Georgia.  When her father learned that the land was in foreclosure status, her father got a second job and her mother worked overtime to save the land. Once the land was saved, her father put mobile homes on the land and became an investor. During those times the landlords used to visit the tenants to collect the monthly rental payments. Each month Valarie would accompany her father to collect the rental payments.  They would then go to Burger King, have lunch and father-daughter time. Enlightened by her father’s efforts, Valarie would ask her dad many questions about his endeavor.  One that stands out is “Daddy, is it because we pick up the rent, the reason that we can pay money to go to Burger King?” (This clearly was a big event in her eyes, being the foodie that she was and is). Her dad gave her the answer that has stayed with her to this day.  “Yes, baby girl, picking up rent helps us to eat.” He then quickly added, “but in order to pick up the rent you have to buy the property and own it. This was of course the key to his success and the birth of her passion.

Knowing this fundamental key, Valarie purchased her very first house at the mere age of nineteen. It was located in the west end area of Atlanta, Georgia. She had it renovated and became a landlord. That was the beginning of many real estate purchases and she too became an investor. Buying properties lead Valarie into real estate sales and thus the passion continued.

Valarie has been a leader in the real estate industry since 1997, and to this day she celebrates the fact that each day brings a new adventure. Determined to educate Realtors® about the business of real estate and to become a business owner, Valarie opened Valarie R. Brooks Real Estate companies in North Carolina and South Carolina in 2007, and then in Georgia in 2015. Valarie has sold over a billion dollars of real estate and keeps going and going. Valarie’s success has garnered many awards such as, HGTV’s Real Estate Expert, The National Five Star Professional award, and Elite’s Business Woman of the year to name a few. Building her team and growing her companies set the stage for Valarie to step into the coaching industry.

Destination You Inc, her success coaching company, launched in 2015. With this platform, Valarie has helped many Realtors®, entrepreneurs and business owners grow and develop their business into strong forces in their respective industries. Valarie is not only sought after for real estate, but coaching, mentoring, speaking engagements, investment opportunities and more.

Valarie’s voice: I am as passionate about my career today as the day I began. My success originates from knowing who I am, following my passion and fulfilling my purpose in life. I wake up every morning determined to seize the day make it a fresh opportunity!